MEO Operation Plan (MEO PLAN) Terms of Use

These Terms of Use ("Terms") set forth the obligations that users must adhere to when using the "Google Map Customer Acquisition Operation (MEO PLAN)" provided by Marketing Data Support Business Service L.L.C (hereinafter referred to as "our company"). Before agreeing to these Terms, users who wish to use the service as users are requested to read the entire text carefully.

Article 1 (Application)
These Terms aim to define the rights and obligations between our company and the users regarding the use of the service (defined in Article 2) and apply to all relationships related to the use of the service between our company and the users. Rules and regulations related to the service, which our company may post from time to time on our website (defined in Article 2), constitute a part of these Terms.

Article 2 (Definitions)
In these Terms, the following terms shall have the meanings set forth below:
1. "Intellectual Property Rights" means copyrights, patent rights, utility model rights, trademark rights, design rights, and other intellectual property rights (including the rights to apply for such rights or to use them).
2. "Our Website" means the website operated by our company (including any website after changes in the domain or content of our company's website, regardless of the reason).
3. "Applicant" means the "applicant" defined in Article 3.
4. "Registration Information" means the "registration information" defined in Article 3.
5. "User" means an individual or corporation that has applied to use the service based on Article 3.
6. "Service" means the service named "MEO Operation Plan (MEO PLAN)" provided by our company (including the service after any name or content changes, regardless of the reason).
7. "Usage Contract" means the "usage contract" defined in Article 3, paragraph 4.
8. "Google Map" means the map or local search service provided by Google LLC (including the service after any name or content changes, regardless of the reason).
9. "Google My Business" means the free platform service provided by Google LLC that allows businesses to list a business profile on maps and search (including the service after any name or content changes, regardless of the reason).
10. "Google Terms" means the terms of use set by Google LLC for the use of Google.

Article 3 (Application for Use)
1. Those who wish to use the service ("applicants") may apply to use the service by agreeing to these Terms and providing certain information ("registration information") to our company in the manner specified by our company.
2. The application must always be made by the individual or corporation intending to use the service and, in principle, applications by agents are not permitted. Moreover, applicants must provide true, accurate, and up-to-date information to our company at the time of application.
3. Our company may refuse use if the applicant under paragraph 1 is deemed by our company to be likely to breach these Terms or if the registration information provided to our company is found to be false, incomplete, or omitted. Other grounds for refusal may include prior cancellation of service usage, status as a minor, ward, person under conservatorship, or person under assistance without necessary consent, affiliation with anti-social forces, or other reasons deemed inappropriate by our company.
4. Our company will determine the eligibility of the applicant based on the criteria in the previous paragraph and other standards. If our company approves the use, it will notify the applicant. Upon such notification, the use by the applicant as a user is complete, and a contract for the use of the service according to the provisions of these Terms ("usage contract") is established between the user and our company.
5. Users must promptly notify our company of any changes to their registration information and submit any documents requested by our company.

Article 4 (Use of the Service and Minimum Usage Period)
1. Users may use the service during the effective period of the usage contract in accordance with these Terms and the methods set by our company.
2. The minimum usage period shall be 6 months or 12 months, calculated from the date of the first billing or the start date of service provision after plan changes (the duration differs depending on the plan, so please check the periods listed on the site before using the service). The usage contract is automatically renewed on the expiration date unless terminated according to Article 20.
3. Our company offers a free cancellation period of up to 14 days, without crossing 10 days from the contract date, during which users can cancel their contract at any time. However, if you upgrade your plan or after the free cancellation period, you will be subject to the minimum usage period as per the contract plan.

Article 5 (Fees and Payment Methods)
1. Users shall pay the service fees calculated according to the rate system specified separately on our website, using the designated credit card. Users are responsible for any costs necessary for the payment.
2. The settlement of the usage fee in the initial month of the application will be made within 3 days from the application date if the credit card information registered is correct. There will be no prorated charges for the first month; payment is required according to the full monthly fee specified on our website regardless of the number of days used.
3. Charges for the service are invoiced once on the application date and subsequently on the 10th of each month. Therefore, if you apply on the 9th, you will also be charged on the 10th of every month. At the time of cancellation, billing occurs on the monthly renewal date post contract expiration, ensuring that service is provided until the 10th of the following month after the cancellation month, minimizing any disadvantage to the customer.
4. Our company offers a satisfaction-based usage, allowing cancellations during a freely designated period of 14 days, starting from the application date, without crossing 10 days. During this period, a minimal charge of $0.1 for activation (approximately 14 cents, which will later be refunded to the designated credit card) is applied. After this period, it automatically shifts to the respective plan fees and minimum usage period.
5. After the minimum usage period, cancellations can be requested anytime between 11:00 AM and 5:00 PM daily via the management screen, without any cancellation fee.
6. Payments are made through the designated credit card on the monthly billing date. For the initial month of the application, payment occurs once within 3 days from the application date, which is not limited to the monthly schedule.
7. Monthly fees are treated as prepaid, and service provision is suspended if payment cannot be confirmed. Service will resume once payment is confirmed. However, no prorated fees are calculated for the period of service suspension; the full fee is charged regardless of the number of days used.
8. If payment is not resumed over a period of one month, our company will cancel the user's service.
9. In cases of non-payment of service fees, a late fee of 3% per annum may be applied. Additionally, if payment is overdue for two months or more, the overdue amount will accumulate due to server management and administrative operations.
10. Payments in Japanese Yen (¥) are available, with different fees depending on the plan and duration. For example, the MEO BASIC PLAN requires a 12-month contract (¥19,880 x 12 months = ¥238,560), the IG GOLD PLAN is a 6-month contract (¥42,000 x 6 months = ¥252,000), and the IG + MEO PLAN is also a 6-month contract (¥69,800 x 6 months = ¥418,800). Exchange fees vary by credit card company and are the user's responsibility.
11. If opting for payment in USD ($), settlement in USD is possible with the respective plan fees and duration applying. For instance, the MEO BASIC PLAN involves a 12-month contract (USD 134 x 12 months = $1,608), the MEO GOLD PLAN a 6-month contract (USD 282 x 6 months = $1,692), and the IG + MEO PLAN also a 6-month contract ($469 x 6 months = $2,814). Exchange fees vary by credit card company and are the user's responsibility.
12. Due to the use of multi-currency settlements, there may be automatic changes from Japanese Yen to US Dollars. If the exchange rate increases the price in a given month from the agreed price at the time of application, the company can refund the difference through the credit card company. However, if the price decreases due to exchange rate fluctuations, the agreed price at the time of application will still be charged.

Article 6 (Refund Policy After Payment)
1. Due to the nature of the service, any refunds after payment are strictly non-acceptable, and users agree to this condition.
2. Billing for the service fee occurs immediately from the application date (date of service request), and users agree that billing is not dependent on the start of the service.
3. Due to the nature of the product, no refunds, returns, or cancellations are accepted. Additionally, since the service involves customer acquisition for stores and business premises and is clearly intended for business use, it does not qualify for cooling-off periods typically available for consumer contracts. This non-applicability is because at the time of application, investments such as the purchase of management terminals, staffing, server setup, and the provision of call centers and other support services have already been made.

Article 7 (Prohibited Actions)
Users must not engage in any of the following acts when using the service:
1. Acts that infringe or may infringe on the intellectual property rights, rights of publicity, privacy rights, honor, or other rights or benefits of our company, other users, Google LLC, or any third party (including acts that directly or indirectly cause such infringement).
2. Acts related to criminal activities or that are contrary to public order and morals.
3. Transmission of obscene information or information harmful to minors.
4. Transmission of information relating to dating services.
5. Violation of laws, regulations, or internal rules of the industry to which our company or the user belongs.
6. Transmission of information containing computer viruses or other harmful computer programs.
7. Alteration of information related to the service.
8. Sending data exceeding a certain data capacity set by our company through the service.
9. Acts that are reasonably judged to obstruct the operation of the service by our company.
10. Violation of the terms of use set by Google LLC.
11. Any other acts that our company reasonably deems inappropriate.
our company reasonably determines that any user's transmitted information violates any of the above conditions or is likely to do so, it may delete all or part of the information without prior notice to the user. Our company is not responsible for any damage incurred by users based on the actions taken under this provision.

Article 8 (Suspension of Service)
Our company may suspend or interrupt the use of the service in whole or in part, without prior notice to the user, if:
1. Regular or emergency maintenance work related to the computer system of the service is required.
2. Computers, communication lines, etc., have stopped due to accidents.
3. The operation of the service becomes impossible due to force majeure events such as fire, power outage, natural disasters, etc.
4. Interruptions or stoppages of service provision, termination or changes in the integration with the service by Google LLC, or other changes occur.
5. Other cases where our company deems suspension or interruption reasonably necessary.
company is not responsible for any damage to users resulting from actions taken based on this article.

Article 9 (Responsibility for Equipment)
1. Users must prepare and maintain at their own expense and responsibility the computer, smartphone, software, communication lines, and other communication environments necessary to receive the service.
2. Users must implement security measures at their own expense and responsibility to prevent computer virus infections, unauthorized access, and information leakage based on the environment in which they use the service.
3. Although our company may store information sent and received by users for operational periods, it is not obligated to retain such information and may delete it at any time. Our company is not responsible for any damage incurred by users due to such deletion.

Article 10 (Ownership of Rights)
All ownership and intellectual property rights related to our company's website and the service belong to our company or entities that have licensed rights to our company. The license to use the service provided under these Terms does not imply a transfer or licensing of the intellectual property rights of our company or its licensors. Users must not engage in any actions that could infringe on the intellectual property rights of our company or its licensors, including but not limited to reverse engineering, reverse compiling, or reverse assembly.

Article 11 (Termination of Use)
Our company may temporarily suspend or terminate the user's access to the service without prior notice or demand if the user:
1. Violates any provision of these Terms.
2. Is found to have provided false information in their registration details.
3. Uses or attempts to use the service for purposes or in ways that could cause damage to our company, other users, Google LLC, or any third party.
4. Is barred from receiving services or cooperation from Google LLC due to a violation of Google's terms or other reasons.
5. Interferes with the operation of the service by any means.
6. Becomes unable to make payments, or legal proceedings such as bankruptcy, civil rehabilitation, corporate reorganization, or special liquidation are initiated.
7. Receives a disposition of dishonor on a bill or check they have drawn or accepted, or is subject to a similar trading suspension by a bill exchange.
8. Is subject to provisional seizure, provisional disposition, compulsory execution, or auction.
9. Receives a disposition for delinquency in the payment of taxes or public charges.
10. Dies or receives a judgment of commencement of guardianship, curatorship, or assistance.
11. Matches any of the conditions set forth in Article 3, Paragraph 3.
12. Other circumstances deemed by our company as inappropriate for continued use.
any of the above conditions apply, the user must immediately pay all debts to our company as the benefit of the term is forfeited automatically.

Article 12 (Application through Commission Agents)
1. If the service application is made through a commission agent (individuals or entities engaged in customer referral), it is assumed that the user has understood the explanations provided by the commission agent and agrees that any discrepancies between the agent’s explanations and these Terms will not be contested against our company.
2. Our company is exempt from any responsibility for issues arising between the commission agent and the user, and the user agrees to this provision.
3. If non-payment or other issues arise, and the user does not respond to communications from our company or the payment processing company within a designated period, our company may notify the commission agent, and the user agrees to this procedure.

Article 13 (Disclaimer and Limitation of Liability)
1. Our company makes no guarantees regarding the outcomes of using the service (including but not limited to the number of posts, impressions, store visits, reviews, or rankings). The service is provided "as is," and our company does not guarantee its suitability for specific purposes, commercial utility, completeness, or continuity.
2. Users must adhere to the Google terms at their own expense and responsibility, and our company is not responsible for any disputes that arise between the user and Google LLC.
3. Even if the user receives information directly or indirectly from our company regarding the service, our website, other users, or other matters, our company makes no warranties beyond the content specified in these Terms.
4. Users are responsible for determining at their own expense whether their use of the service complies with applicable laws and internal rules of their industry, and our company makes no guarantee of such compliance.
5. Our company is not liable for any transactions, communications, or disputes that arise between users and other users, Google LLC, or other third parties related to the service, unless specifically due to our company's fault.
6. Our company is not liable for any damages incurred by users related to the service, including interruptions, suspensions, terminations, unavailability, or changes in the service, loss or deletion of user information, cancellation of user access, loss of data, or damage to equipment, except where it is due to the fault of our company.
7. Links from our website to other websites or from other websites to our website do not imply responsibility for external sites or the information obtained through them, except where it pertains to our company's liability.
8. Our company is not liable for failure to fulfill contractual obligations during situations beyond reasonable control (including but not limited to natural disasters, wars, epidemics, trade embargoes, strikes, shortages of supplies and transportation facilities, governmental interventions, or changes in laws), for the duration of such conditions.
9. Even if our company is liable for damages to the user under the Consumer Contract Law or any other mandatory regulations, such liability is limited to the total amount of service fees actually received from the user in the month preceding the occurrence of the cause of the damage. This is because our service operates on a subscription basis, and users can choose to cancel the service if dissatisfied within a month.

Article 14 (User’s Liability for Indemnification)
1. If a user causes damage to our company by violating these Terms or in connection with the use of the service, the user must compensate our company for all such damages.
2. If a user receives claims from other users, Google LLC, SNS operators, or any third parties related to the service, the user must notify our company immediately, handle and resolve the claim or dispute at their own expense and responsibility, and report the progress and outcome to our company upon request.
3. If our company is claimed against by other users, Google LLC, or any third parties due to infringement of rights or other reasons related to a user’s use of the service, the user must compensate our company for any payments made to these third parties based on the claims.

Article 15 (Confidentiality)
1. "Confidential Information" in these Terms refers to all information related to the usage contract or the service that a user receives from our company, whether provided or disclosed in writing, orally, or in recorded media, or becomes aware of, concerning our company’s technology, business, operations, finances, organization, or other matters. However, information already publicly known or already known by the user at the time of disclosure or obtained legally from a third party without a duty of confidentiality, independently developed by the user, independently developed by the user, independently developed by the user, confirmed in writing by our company as not requiring confidentiality, is excluded.
2. Users must use the Confidential Information only for the purpose of using the service and must not disclose or leak our company’s Confidential Information to any third party without written consent from our company.
3. Notwithstanding the provisions of Paragraph 2, users may disclose Confidential Information when legally compelled by law, court order, or government request. However, users must notify our company promptly if such compulsion occurs.
4. If a user copies documents or magnetic media containing Confidential Information, they must obtain prior written consent from our company and manage the copies strictly in accordance with Paragraph 2.
5. Upon request from our company, users must immediately return or dispose of all documents, media, and all copies containing Confidential Information, following instructions from our company.

Article 16 (Handling of Personal Information)
1. The handling of users’ personal information by our company will be in accordance with the Privacy Policy separately established by our company, and users agree to our company’s handling of their personal information according to this policy.
2. Our company may use and publish information and data provided by users in a non-identifiable form for statistical purposes at our discretion, and users agree not to object to this practice.

Article 17 (Effective Period)
The usage contract becomes effective on the date a user completes the application process under Article 3 and remains effective until the user’s access is canceled or the service is terminated, whichever comes first.

Article 18 (Amendment of These Terms and Conditions)
1. Our company may freely change the content of the service.
2. Our company may amend these Terms (including rules and regulations posted on our website referred to herein). When amending these Terms, our company will announce the content of the changes and the effective date of the changes in advance by a method specified by our company. If a user uses the service after the effective date of the changes or does not cancel the service within the period set by our company, the user is deemed to have agreed to the amended Terms.

Article 19 (Communication/Notification)
Inquiries about the service and any communication or notification from users to our company, as well as any notification of changes to these Terms or other communications from our company to users, will be conducted through methods specified by our company.

Article 20 (Termination of Service)
1. If a user wishes to terminate the service contract, they may do so at any time after the expiration of the minimum usage period by accessing the management screen between 11:00 AM and 5:00 PM daily. The user must make a termination request after the expiration of the minimum usage period as defined in Article 4.
2. The user must make a termination request after the expiration of the minimum usage period specified in Article 4.
3. If the user does not notify of cancellation by the deadline, the user's service contract will automatically renew under the same terms and conditions, and the user will be obligated to pay the plan usage fees for the next contract period.
4. If a user initiates cancellation during the contract period, they must understand that there will be no refunds on a prorated basis for the remaining period of the contract.

Article 21 (Assignment of Rights and Obligations)
1. Without prior written consent from our company, a user may not transfer, assign, secure, or otherwise dispose of their position under the usage contract or any rights or obligations under these Terms to any third party.
2. If our company transfers the business related to the service to another company, our company may transfer the position under the usage contract, the rights and obligations under these Terms, and the user’s registration and other customer information to the transferee, and the user pre-approves such a transfer in this clause. This includes not only ordinary business transfers but also any situation where the business is transferred through corporate division or other means.

Article 22 (Survival Provisions)
The provisions of Article 5 (applicable only if there is an unpaid balance), Article 6, Article 7, Paragraph 2, Article 8, Paragraph 3, Article 9, Article 10, Article 11, Paragraphs 2, 4, and 5, Articles 12 through 16, and Articles 20 through 22 will remain in effect even after the termination of the usage contract.

Article 23 (Governing Law and Jurisdiction)
1. These Terms are governed by the laws of the UAE, and any disputes arising from or related to these Terms will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Tokyo District Court as the court of first instance.
2. However, if the user is a corporation or individual located outside of the UAE, any disputes will be finally resolved by one or more arbitrators selected in accordance with the then-current arbitration rules of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) under the ICC rules and managed by the ICC International Court of Arbitration.

Article 24 (Resolution by Consultation)
Our company and the user shall resolve any matters not specified in these Terms or any doubts regarding the interpretation of these Terms promptly through mutual consultation in accordance with the principle of good faith.

Article 25 (Language)
In case of any discrepancy between the Japanese version of these Terms and any translated versions, the Japanese version shall prevail.